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Turf-Cote - turf paint for perfect looking, green lawns all year round

This amazing lawn re-colourant, is an acrylic, water based product, developed especially for turf.  It's been used safely and successfully by professionals the world over on golf courses, race tracks and sports ovals for many years. It can also be used to recolour plants. 
Non Toxic and completely safe for the environment. Cannot harm humans, animals, fish or waterways. Unlike other similar products, does not have any clay content and will not clog your spray equipment.
Mixed at a rate of 1 : 10-15 water
I litre treats an area of approx 100 sq.m.

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Firecide -  protects from fires, stops fires starting

Additive to turf-paint or alone, Firecide contains extinguishing components that prevent the spread of a fire resulting from the introduction of a heat source (flame) to dried or dead vegetation.  Can help form a defensible border around buildings, homes, and other areas such as under powerlines, areas prone to sparks, beside roadways, etc.
Completely safe and non toxic; it's a patented, biological formula which is environmentally friendly.

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dragonfireDragonfire -  treats and protects your turf from sting nematode infestations

Organic Nematicide used for turf or crops including vegetables.  Treats sting nematode infestations. 
Completely organic and environmentally friendly, Dragonfire is OMRI certified and also safe for edible crops.
2.5 gallons treats one acre with light to normal infestation. 3 gallons recommended if heavy infestation.

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  • Want lawns that look consistently green and lush all year round
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  • Have a lawn with brown patches due to heat, lack of water or seasonal changes
  • Have customers who are selling their home or have a special event coming up and the lawn must look perfect
  • Don’t want to replace real, living turf with hot, synthetic plastic that costs $1,000s and isn’t good for the environment
  • Want to re-colour and protect your turf at the same time

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