Reborn Lawns FAQ

Q: What is it that Reborn Lawns actually does to my lawn?
A: We are merely changing the colour of your dormant lawn. We are “re-greening” it with a water-based, permanent pigment (NOT a dye). Our special formula is bio-degradable, non-toxic and completely safe. It will not harm humans, plants animals or fish.
Q: How long does it take to restore the colour of my lawn and how soon can I walk on it?
A: The change is immediate. We colour your lawn in one or two coats depending on the type of grass and whether we need to blend with areas which are still green. It dries very quickly and normally you can walk on it within the hour.
Q: How long will the colour last?
A: It will last for about 16 weeks, or until the colour gets mowed out if the grass grows. Following application, it won’t wear or wash off. This also means that once it has dried it won’t rub off onto clothes or shoes. It also should last through at least one round of lawn mowing due to its excellent penetration of the lawn.
Q: Will it affect my lawn’s natural growing process once we can water or if it rains?
A: No. This has no effect on your brown lawn at all apart from the fact that it has changed colour. Your lawn is exactly the same underneath and it will behave in the same way as it would if you did not have it coloured by Reborn Lawns.
Q: Is it helping my lawn in any way?
A: Yes, we can include further ingredients into the mix so that the product not only penetrates the plant tissue, but it also helps it to retain moisture and has components that will help the dormant grass grow again.
Q: How much does it cost?
A: It is very cheap and cost effective. Especially if you consider the costs involved in tearing your lawn up and replacing with other materials, such as paving or artificial turf!

We will come and view your property and provide you with a firm quote, free of charge.
Q: What is the difference between dormant and dead lawn?
A: With high temperatures, drying winds and drought conditions, many lawns, once lush and green, are looking more like hay fields. It is normal for traditional grasses to struggle with the current heat and drought. Brown or golden patches may be forming and growing in lawns. The good news, though, is that these grasses possess the capability to recover from extreme weather conditions. Consider this information before giving up on your lawn!

Dormancy is the physiological process grass uses to protect itself from heat and drought. Usually when grass appears to be dead this time of year, it is actually dormant. Dormancy is characterized by a complete cessation of growth along with brown or dead grass blades. Grass blades are less of a concern than the crown of the grass plant, which is at the soil surface and is the point from which the grass blades grow up and the roots grow down. As long as the crown remains alive, grass has the capability to recover when temperature and moisture conditions improve. By entering dormancy, grasses are protecting their crowns for future recovery.

When temperatures drop and moisture conditions improve, the grass will recover naturally. The lawn is only dead if the crown and roots are completely dead and lost.

In that event, reseeding during Winter with more durable native breeds is recommended if you have lost substantial areas of lawn. Reborn Lawns can also come and spray with our special mix which goes on green and contains mulch and seeds of drought tolerant grasses which will burst into life quickly. This is a service suited to the Winter months and when we can reasonably expect some rain.

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Reborn Lawns can help when you -
  • Want lawns that look consistently green and lush all year round
  • Want access to the best, eco-friendly turf products in the world
  • Have a lawn with brown patches due to heat, lack of water or seasonal changes
  • Have customers who are selling their home or have a special event coming up and the lawn must look perfect
  • Don’t want to replace real, living turf with hot, synthetic plastic that costs $1,000s and isn’t good for the environment
  • Want to re-colour and protect your turf at the same time

Reborn Lawns is your one-stop shop to great looking lawns!