Welcome to Reborn Lawns!

Reborn Lawns is a totally new business concept. Our specialized services and products will help to take the stress out of keeping your surroundings looking good all year round. And this is more important than ever with our unreliable weather conditions.

Our unique products have never been available in Australia until now. Tried and tested in the USA for many years by the professionals, they are now available to you - only via Reborn Lawns.

Our specialty is our unique “re-colouring” process. We can restore a beautiful green to your lawn where it has turned brown.

So, please don’t give up on your precious lawns! Mostly, they will recover whenever we get some cool weather and a little rain.

For the rest of the time – Reborn Lawns will keep them looking great for you.

Please refer to our FAQ section for all the information you need and then give us a call to see how we can help you or to book a free quote.

Call (0428 915 789) or email: dianajh1502@gmail.com Reborn Lawns today for a quote!

Before After - with Reborn Lawns
  • Your lawn will instantly look lush and green again.
  • Dead, brittle lawn will not only look beautiful again, but feel softer.
  • Our product is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • It is completely safe for you and your family — including your pets — even if they chew it!
  • We only use recycled water during the application.
  • Don't spend $1,000s on synthetic turf! Lawn treatment by Reborn Lawns is cost effective and very affordable.
  • It won't wear off — or wash off — after application and you can walk on it almost immediately!
  • The results will last for around 4 months or until mowing removes the colored grass.
Reborn Lawns can help when you -
  • Want lawns that look consistently green and lush all year round
  • Want access to the best, eco-friendly turf products in the world
  • Have a lawn with brown patches due to heat, lack of water or seasonal changes
  • Have customers who are selling their home or have a special event coming up and the lawn must look perfect
  • Don’t want to replace real, living turf with hot, synthetic plastic that costs $1,000s and isn’t good for the environment
  • Want to re-colour and protect your turf at the same time

Reborn Lawns is your one-stop shop to great looking lawns!

Our products are used successfully by professionals:

Tuncurry Bowling Club

Flower PotMen